Sailing towards Pitivi 1.0 (with some stops along the way)

With the Ken-Burns effect project completed, most of my last two weeks were spent working on some existing tasks that should be solved for Pitivi 1.0, so we can get it out sooner. Here are some things I’ve been working on:

  1. Make sure well supported audio streams are not proxyed even if they are not in a container: T7756
  2. Solved a bug where the undo stack sometimes crashed when moving the viewer: T7800
  3. Added the possibility to create custom validation checks for the advanced properties of the encoders, which will make rendering more robust in the long run: D1804

Also, Alex Balut (aka aleb) found some time to test the Ken-Burns branch and suggested some changes. Therefore, the sail towards Pitivi 1.0 had some stops, in which I spent my time working on making the Ken-Burns project a bit better. The most noticeable improvement is the fact that the displayed values of the transformation properties are now updated more often, so they are more accurate (they were sometimes completely wrong as we were not updating them when we should have).

With that said, I will continue helping with the Pitivi 1.0 release and keep you posted on the progress. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Sailing towards Pitivi 1.0 (with some stops along the way)

  1. You said in an earlier post that the Ken Burns stuff wouldn’t be available until 2.0. Was that a typo? It’s taking forever just to get 1.0 out, which has been “just around the corner” for like a year now!

    Ability to move and transform with keyframes is pretty basic functionality that is sorely missed. Don’t make us wait for 2.0!


    1. It wasn’t a typo. The transformation properties keyframes won’t be included in Pitivi 1.0, as we want to let the code mature a bit. However, it will be merged in master pretty soon, so you can easily run it with flatpak.


  2. Thank you for your ongoing help, Stefan.
    Can please somebody treat the headerbar symbolic icons such that Pitivi looks in line with other GNOME apps and saves a few vertical Pixels?


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