Pitivi: Transformation properties keyframes ready to land

In my last blog post, I was telling you how my GSOC project was close to its completion. Since then, I’ve been working on getting it to a deployable state, while also adding some final touches. Now, it should be ready to land and you’ll probably see it included in Pitivi 2.0.

About the final touches: one is extending the undo/redo system so it can handle activation of transformation properties keyframes and the reset to default operationĀ (which will deactivate the keyframes).

The other one I’ve been working on is a mechanism which allows selection of the transformation properties keyframes. Before this, the only way of navigating to a certain keyframe was using the two arrows in the transformation box.


Now, you can also click on a keyframe to select it and the playhead will seek to its position. This should make navigation a bit more intuitive.

So, what’s next? Having anticipated that this project wouldn’t keep me occupied for all the summer, the plan at the beginning of GSOC was to start implementing another feature: rendering only a portion of the timeline. However, after discussing with my mentor, we decided that it would be better to work on solving some existing issues in order to have Pitivi 1.0 out as soon as possible.

Until next time!


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