Pitivi: Keyframes for transformation properties

With a bit more than a month into the GSOC coding time, my project is almost complete. As a reminder, I was working on implementing a keyframe curve for the transformation properties (which control the positioning and size of a clip) in Pitivi.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working on integrating the newly added keyframe curve with the undo/redo system, as well as allow values for the keyframes to be specified by dragging the viewer. I’ve also had some battles with a pretty nasty bug which made the app crash all of a sudden. Fortunately, my mentor, Thibault Saunier, took a look at it and managed to crack it, so everything should work fine now.

With my project being close to completion, I thought it would be a good idea to make an extended demo video in which I explain how the new feature works:

I’m looking forward to your feedback or any suggestions on how to make the feature better. I encourage you to keep reading my blog for further updates.

Happy coding!


6 thoughts on “Pitivi: Keyframes for transformation properties

  1. The demonstration with the four clips coming in from the corners looks quite choppy. Is that just how it looks in the screencast, or is it actually jumping from pixel to pixel like that?


    1. It’s so choppy because I’ve used the default resolution for the project, which is 640×320 (so quite low). For higher resolutions, which you would probably use, it’s going to look a lot better.


  2. Probably it is a good idea create some presets or default library with this transitions, for example that require 4 videos and automatically calc for you this values (height, width, X and Y) and avoid to spend some time doing the calculations. That would be to use the app very quickly and perform that animations with the keyframes in a minute.


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